Getting The Best Writer For Your Business

Getting – and keeping – your prospect’s attention is THE most powerful weapon in your
profit-generating arsenal. And no one knows how to shoot your marketing message
straight to your prospect’s heart (and wallet!) than a professional copywriter.

The right words go straight to the heart of what makes your customers and prospects tick.
The right words can explode your web site, make your sales brochure sing, create
dynamite direct mail – perk up any of your marketing and publicity materials!

And a freelance copywriter is simply the smartest way to get the best return from your
investment – if you work with a professional freelance copywriter.

Don’t let weak writing drain your business away! Like magic, a professional copywriter can
transform that boring brochure, wimpy web site, or sad sales letter into marketing dynamite
that blows your competition into dust.

As a professional copywriter, I make it my business to learn about your business. That’s
how I craft the kind of clear, persuasive communications that helps you succeed. I’m smart,
creative, strategic, and passionate about what I do.

You’ll get a copywriter who “gets it”. You’ll get powerful words targeted to achieve a powerful
result. You’ll get a first draft that needs minimal revisions. You’ll get your copy on time and
on budget.

And you’ll get to leave the office at 5:00 p.m. At last.  


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